Friday, February 15, 2008

Bags n Shoes Hunting..

I'm currently in search of new soulbag and soulshoe ehehe... (u guess it right ppl! i'm a shoe'a'holic n bag'a'holic not to mention the other holics that i hv). Desperately in need - i.e. cannot sleep peacefully until the need is fullfilled. I've surveyed MidValley - Pavillion - Mahkota Parade - Jusco Melaka - OUtama. Nothing really catch my eyes n hv that 'it' factor :( In the meantime.. guess hv to satisfy meself w these..

peeking frm lft scholl - alain delon - lemon (sg wang) - sembonia
in the car for easy access... More organized... top: lemon - alain delon - sembonia
below: bonia (badly worn but love it! so comfy) - bonia (replacement of black one) - scholl

jez joining the club - primavera peep toe - bite my feet but wear it anyway

I want comfy but stylo shoe (why does comfort always compromise design ex. Clarks - no offends Clarks users - i spent hours round n round Clarks outlet - Why cant we hv both??) Oso want stylo bag that is big enough to hold my purse, pda phone, camera, keys n awisy's paci n what not but still elegant enough for office wear.

Suggestion anyone? but please no Coach - LV - 1month salary costing bag...


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naza said...

alos. the recommended shoe..cole haan that use nike comfy yet stylish..if u wanna get the discounted price..go to melium otlet in shamelin perkasa but size susah nak dapatla..after all it'll cost u few hundreds to nearly 1k..heheh...tak pun flat shoes at marks n spencer..depends on season..a bit pricey..but comfy..happy shoe hunting..