Sunday, February 17, 2008


Papa will be away for work attachment in Budapest, Hungary.... Rite now the moods are pretty low since he will depart tonight... He'll be gone for 4 months! Hwaaaaaaaaaaaa :(( Dats Four FREAKING months = 17 weeks = 132 days !!... Me n Awisy we'll be crashing at my folks hse which fortunately is very near to our hse n my office... I'll be a quote single unquote mama (Papa will be mad when he read this :P).. But its true for some sense.. I'd be d one who manage our little highness day in day out... okay I'll be having lots of extra hand frm my beloved Abah n Mak (infact i bet i'll be doing less work as compared to living just 3 of us), but still ITs NOT FAIR!! I hate being separated :( I wanna go! n I want to bring Awisy as well heee... And Papa will miss lots of Awisy milestones.. Jez imagine Awisy age will double when he finally comes home (Awisy is 4 mths + 4mths away = 8 mths)..

So last nite we went to money changer and afterwards we went for a dinner just the 3 of us at Secret Recipe nearby.. I had Chicken something (sudden memory loss), Papa had Black Pepper Grilled Chick n Awisy had a bottle of Enfalac A+ (8ounces water + 6 scoops milk)... Papa ate first while I feed Awisy and then I ate while Papa amuse Awisy (the usual routine)... Some pics frm last nite...

Missing u already :(

Mama n Awisy behind the delish Hot Choc

Hmmmm... :((

Anyway this Papa being away is actually the real reason of me starting this blog.. So he can stay close despite the long distance between us... Mind you, roaming charge to Hungary is very high >> RM4.50 per minute! Oh well... I'll try mybest to update Awisy developments n stuffs that happen around us on daily basis... I'll name it 'While Papa Was Away - Day X).. N maybe he can write something tooo (I'll make him he..he..) Okay.. Off to packing our stuffs... will be having lunch at my folks... Taa!


meow said...

Ciannn diaaaa
Bersabo jer laaa.

meow said...

Ciannn diaaa.

Tak per bersabo jer laaa.