Friday, February 15, 2008

Collective Moments...

10 June 2005 - when 2 become 1 (a special pose w my family)
Feb 07 - Honeymooning in Bali (b.gnd Bali's Padi Bukit)

Wif Fat Lady of Harry Potters at Kinokuniya KLCC

Baby! (awisy 7mths, while queing for HPotter7 at 5am!)

24 Sept 07 - The arrival of Ur Little Highness ;) @ Hsp Putrajaya

Fresh frm mummy's oven - aww so cute!!

The first paci @ dummy to keep the mouth shut he.. he..

Mama posed while baby cried >:)

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firsttimeblogger said...

hehehe.. chumill je awisy