Monday, February 25, 2008



Hello mama n baby awisy. Today baby awisy dah 5 month old, nanti balik papa belikan hadiah ek..PS3 ok??? (papa yg main).

So baby awisy got new carseat hah...nice one!!
Baby awisy dah jumpa godmother?? Next hari raya don't forget to give ang pow yea godmother..haha.
Papa busy skit ari nie. Today the weather is good, spring is coming. The temp is around 8-10 celsius...still a bit cold but is OK.

Take care mama n baby awisy..Muah Muah!


Anonymous said...

are u sure that he will becoming handsome guy? maybe he need some more inch of his heigt if wanna becoming as a handsome guy.. not like his p*r**ts.. huhuhuh
- just joking .. - zahidee
u are sweet mom.. congrat..

Mimi said...

hoho brani kau kutuk kitorg kt sini ye.. takpe ade ubi ada bas... tunggu la balik msia nanti :P