Friday, February 22, 2008

Time Crawls Slowly...

Dats wat I thought... But aiks? Its already day 5.. Yay!

My freekin throat and ear are really bugging me rite now..
Yeps somehow the *&^% bacteria or virus or wateva it is has decided dat throat is not enuff thus move forward to terrorize my ear tube, demn you!
As if coughing n the throat ulcer are not painfull enuff.. grrrrrr >:
So now I hv a slightly-swelling-eardrums-because-of-unreleased-pressure constantly pulsing inside my ear no thanks to em..

Not much to report on Mama n Awisy day 4 & 5 as life goes on ordinarily..

Mama bought Skype credit (10 pounds) to call Papa - maybe its cheaper or maybe not
1st call frm my pda phone to Papa - I can hear his voice but he cant (hear mine)
2nd call frm laptop to Papa - Succeed, but Papa ws riding the tube (or train?) so too much noise
3rd call frm laptop to my Sista (Awisy's makngah) - happily chatting (costed almost 1 pound)
4,5,6th call frm laptop to Papa - something freaky happened, some one (pick up the phone) n say something (very unclear) n as we (me,Awisy watching me) were shouting to my laptop mics, my phone ranggg, it ws PAPA!!! so who the h*ll ws on the skype??!! I quickly ended the call (n no its not a wrong number)..

So Mama n Papa chatted on the phone (for quite long! - despite the expensive roaming charge) n then Awisy n Papa chatted.. Awisy ws so excited he became hyperactive again last nite, hehehe... Oh btw Papa sends his regard to everyone~

For Papa~

Trying to crawl while crying..

Gud nite Papa!


mama ryan said...

he he... style awisy betul2 sama mcm style ryan kalau dtg mood xbesh dia tu.... memula tgk tu ingatkan i bukak blog i sdiri... similar sgt...

he he....btw lebat tul rambut awisy..

Mimi said...

hehe ye ke? lahir pun dh dekat2 kan.. rambut die mmg lebat n agak tebal.. ikut atuk (my dad) die kot.