Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Visit From Someone Special

She's my bestest friend in this whole wide world (eversince we were in form 1).. Owh n Awisy's GodMummy.. :) However this ws their first meet (Awisy n Aunty 'Elle') ;) Dats because she's currently pursuing her masters in the land of kangaroos (I swear dat I never know dat kangaroos is tame as cats).. As I wrote, she mite be on her way back to Adelaide.. The last time we met, I ws 6 mths preggie as we (me n Papa) bid her farewell at d airport.

Reese, Elle n Awisy

Anyway 'elle' n Awisy immediately clicked (I now dis because Awisy immediately smile to her -now dat Awisy is 4 mths, he cn recognize faces n I notice instead of crying he'll let u take him but he'll refuse to look at unfamiliar ppl - he'll looks right, left, up, down - avoiding ur face he..he..) So Mama, Aunty Elle, Awisy n Reese (Elle's very cute niece) spent a happy aftnoon catching up he..he.. Okay more like Mama n Aunty Elle - while Awisy n Reese made d background noise creating dstractions here n there ;)

Like 'Godmummy' Like 'Godson' hehhehe...

Goodbye kiss~

Among other stuffs that she hs lavished Awisy

Well received :D TQ Godmummy..

TQ soooo much Babe! U look stunning~ Cant wait to meet ya again! Dont crack under pressure okie.. Missing ya oledi...

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