Tuesday, February 19, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day2

Mama is down wif sorethroat n fever.. last nite is the worst, even talk and gulp hurtss. Went to GP as couldn't stant the pain any longer, n doc said I hv ulcer right there at the arch of my throat, so dats why evry throat movement hurts (try restraining ur throat movements huu..) I slept early hoping dat the pain will go away dis morning, but i'm soo wrong. throat still hurts like nobody's bissness! huuu.. I even sound like a rockstar hee..

The good news is I got mc for today. So despite d pain will hv a good time w my baby who's staying home as well n just farted loudly in his sleep!! (hes sleeping beside me now) ha ha :)) He usually sleep till 11 or 12 so taking care of him in d morning is easy peasy..

More good news, Papa hs safely landed on Budapest yesterday eve. But hvnt got chance to talk w him yet since I was sleeping like a baby when he called last nite (blame the pills) (-.-).. can't wait to hear his voice once again..

Awisy hs gain a new talent he he.. caught it on camera, but since i'm blogging frm phone, can't upload it now (maxis bband shucks!).. I oso want to do some books review here but guess all of that can wait cause I can't upload pics..

Ok will sign off for now.. gotta force some food down my flaming-ulcer-in-the-throat-arch throat (ha ha) before I can take the antibiotics (hs started to hurt like hell again).. so till then, cheerios!


Mrs ZYI said...

urgghh.. i can only imagine how hurt it is ada ulcer at that area, sdgkan we adults pun sakit giler, imagine iman kan..tecik2 dah kena.. :( hmm tapi we guess it's in d genes (sama sebijik mcm her daddy, always kena like dat one..) kesiaann dieorg dua beranak..

Mimi said...

arkk.. iman pun kene?! alahai siannye die~ org tua cm i ni pun tersekse inikan plak baby cute cam die.. hopefully awisy x jangkit ngan i!