Wednesday, February 20, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day3

'94'.. Dats the number of stairs I hv to climb everyday to reach my office.. N dats because I'm too sissy to ride the elevator alone :P (mind you it hs broke down few times before - trapping ppl inside it ehehe..) I consider it as my daily workout regime... hahaha :D N dats y loosing weight is like miles away (more like gaining weight based on my current food consumption :P )

Book Review

Enuff babbling, I'd like to review these 4 books (my bed time books - I read em over n over n over again)..

My bed-time story books

Shopaholic & Baby - my fav.. who doesnt love Becky? Lurve reading s'pecially the shopping part he..he.. Happens to be she was pregnant almost at the same time as mine :D ... A light reading but not much on motherhood though, its more on pregnancy phase... As shopaholic series are my fav books, dis book is highly reccommended..

The Rise & Fall of a Yummy Mummy - bought dis even b4 I ws preggie because i like the title 'yummy mummy'.. but enjoyed it more after I entered motherhood as I can relate more to her story.. it potrays how this typical mom who got carried away being too comfy n mumsy try to bounce back to regain her oldself... love dis book but only recommend it to mummys... might bored non-mummys ehehe...

Momzillas - Aft reading these 2 books, am searching for more book on hip motherhood stories & novels n found dis.. not good enuff for me... so n so...

Man and Boy - This book might give us woman some insights on man n their mind (the writer is a man dowhh..) Its kinda surprise to me how he perceives his wrongdoing (of sleeping w other woman). This book might works for me if both man n wife try harder in saving their marriage at least for the sake of their son.. To me it shows how different man n woman minds work. read it at ur own expense hahaha..

What a review hahhaa.. not much help eh? Me always being in science field definitely not born to be a writer let alone book critics ;) maybe i'll do better in products review (stay tuned to this blog ehehe)..

Our Awisy

As promised.. Awisy in his carseat..

Mama & Papa Cuteness

Whatcha think? Too big for him aite?!! Pity my baby, lost behind d seat harness.. Plus its dangerous rite!! Kinda made up my mind to buy a new one.. maxi-cosi or peg-perego? comments pleaseee... I cant stand watching him sitting uncomfortably like dat.. watchin' me driving w his puss-in-boots eyes n smiling his heart-melting-make-me-want-to-hug-u-n-sniff-ur-head smile.. :D (I know Papa will veto my decision but ure faraway so what can u do hehe n I got ur a*m c*r#) nyeh nyeh nyeh >:) luv luv u Papa Mwahs Mwahs kiss kiss (angelic-smile).

And vid on Awisy on his newly gained talent:

Dedicated just for Papa~ Who should be at work now considering the 7 hrs time delay... He ws bit jetlagged as we speak last nite.. Miss Papa a lot lot lot.. I almost called his ext dis mornin' (my habit).. Yups we work in the same agency but diff department, so no problem there n more convenient for us carpooling-lunching-n always going out together.. dats y I miss him so much.

but yay! 3 days down 'only' 129 days to go~


izwan said...

hello mama n awisy
cumil awisy tue..rindu kat dia.
mama dah mkn ubat lum??
sian...rindu kat papa ek..hehehe
Ari nie busy skit, dah mula buat kerja.

Luv you n baby awisy so much!

Take care.
Muah Muah

Mimi said...

:P biletah papa nak upload gamba kat cnie?? baru je eat eat ubat.. still sakit lagi, tp pi keje :) awisy notty, tgh main ngan atuk die..

mama ryan said...

aooowwww... so cute la awisy buat mcm tu.. nak kish kish lips dia leh x???

Mimi said...

hehehe... alarr mamaryan nanti mama die jeles laa ;P tu la air liuq besemburan merata2.. kes kes

Ted said...

hi mimi! thnx 4 dropping by my blog! syiok juge blogging ni kan? tapi kurang masa sket nak update selalu... awisy so cute...dah beso mesti ensem :D keep in touch ya!

Mrs ZYI said...

mimi or a**a ehem2, hehehe how r u, dear? lama nye x dgr any news abt u..

can i link u up? and can i tell fara ira, yeen etc. that i've finally found u (and ur blog too)? hehe..

we all either YMing or facebooking. Meh jom join meh? ;)

tk cr dear..awisy sgt comelsss!

Mimi said...

hi kyus! hehehe.. marila kite reunion beramai-ramai :D of coz u can link me.. i'll do d same 2 urs k! keep in touch~

FarahIra said...

i would prefer to comment awisy as handsome than cute ..hehehhe..sorila aku ade blog tapi tak start ape pon (dah lame sign up tp tak buat2),ade fp itupon dh lame tak update...kalau facebooking buleh la.. kak yus dh invite kan...catch u later babe!!
-iradot on the move-