Monday, February 25, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day7

Awisy Turns 5 Months!

Yay! Our baby is on his way to be a one fine+handsome gentleman~ Now dat he's 5 (mths) he can roll forward n backward effortlessly (make it harder to dress him, always rolling around), he can aim his toys and move towards its location, lurrrrrve to put stuffs inside his cute mouth (his fav is Mama's scarf), make a few distinctive sounds wif consonants and right now trying hard to push himself up to crawling position~ And he drinks a lot! 8 ounces (8 oz water + 6 scoops enfalac A+) 5-6 times perday! We love you so much little prince~ Mwaaaaahs!

Happy 5th mths bday baby~
What Did We Do On Sunday

Morning : Mama n Awisy hd breakfast outside wif Awe n Pakcik..


Aftnoon: We went back to our own crib to do some laundry n cleaning... A pics as a prove for Papa (he wont believe me otherwise :P )

Awisy miss chilling here wif Mama n Papa

Late Aftnoon: Yay~ Lets shopping!

Syyyy.. sleeping baby on d move~

Where else d ya think I get the shopaholic gene? hehe Sorry Mak :)

Lepaking at McD

Wif his Pak Busyok.. heeeee

So wat did Mama bought? Surprise! Its a new carseat for Awisy... Its not maxi-cosi or peg-perego.. And no Papa it does not cost 1k++ he..he.. It cost 'almost' half as much (more or less hehe) but work as well.. Its Mothercare~ I like dat it can be place forward n backward n it can be recline to 5 positions.. Plus it can be use until Awisy is up to 19 kg~

Mama said: "Money worth spent~ hehe :D"

the new carseat..

The verdict: Yay! TQ Mama~

So Papa dont worry~ I did not raid ur account dat bad~ hahahaha >:)


mama ryan said...

ayo yo....lebornya awisy cenyum2 kat semua org.....

isk... geram2... nak gomoi2 aaaa....

Mimi said...

iskk.. lari awisy lariiiii...