Monday, February 18, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day1

The Departure

Last nite.. Sobbs sobss... :(( As I write Papa is like 70km up there? Insyallah he'll reach Frankfurt by 1-2pm today. Honestly I dont know how people do this long distance relationship.. It sooo sad. Watching Papa walk away.. (sounds like a movie eh?) But its true.. I cried my heart out during the final hug.. heee... okay dats exaggerating, I only shed a few tears ha.. ha.. (shame shame :P - tried to control my emotion - because everyone was there, Abah, Mak, Ayah n Mak - inlaws, n Abg Apiz, K Mar, Qistina n Alif).. Thanks guys for coming~

Checking in..

Strong brotherhood

The boys - Abah, Papa, Ayah-FIL, Awisy :)

With the Girls - Cheerful K Mar ;), Mak - MIL, Mak, Me, Papa, Awisy :)

As Always ;)

My 2 dearly beloveds

A special pose from 3 of Us.. (Yups next pose will be 4 mths frm now)

I dont have much to write.. Dats pretty much everything abt last nite.. My prayer will always be with Papa.. I hope he'll has a good journey and joyous stay in Hungary (wait for me ;) )
Oh, back home Awisy was hyperactive as we went to bed. Wats wif Papa not here n sleeping in a different place.. He was like babbling loudly until around 1-2 am. Mak said maybe he was asking questions like 'wheres Papa?' n 'why are we sleeping here?' 'I want my old bed, he he..' Finally he felt sleepy around 2 am, cried a bit (Happens everytime - I guess he hate dat 'sleepy' feeling) So I gave him Papa's smelly tshirt (heee..), put Chott-Chott (paci) in his mouth, n he slowly closed his eyes... ahhhh... I felt asleep listening to his breathing... (-.-)ZZzzzzZzz...
Day 1
So this morning I start to function as 'hubby longdistance-single mom' thingy.. meaning I rise earlier than ever.. as Mak feed n entertained Awisy (he wake at 630am-immediately cries like there's no tomorrow as milk is being prepared-gulp down his milk-burppp-smile-play) I prepare meself.. Mak leave for work at 6:50am.. I played with him for a while, placed everything inside the car (my bag,awisy bag, laptop, bfast food) n finally brought him out n place him on the car seat... This is the most anxious part:
  1. I'm worried because I've been sitting on d passanger seat for the last 12 months meaning I hvnt touch steering wheel for dat long (always using pregnancy as my excuse heee...)
  2. This is our first experience of using the car seat - always been holding him on my lap as Papa drives - the car seat is not suitable for newborn because its in sitting position (A gift frm my officemate - Thanks Guys!).. But its not like we hv other choice now but to use it anyway... I'm thinking of buying a new one though hmmm...
Awisy was like lil bit suprised and confused when I place him on the car seat.. Thank God he didnt cry :) Dats My Good-Behaving-Little-Prince kiss kiss.. Alhamdulillah everything went well, I drove slowly to d baby sitter hse, drop him there, off to my office - arrived safe n sound.. I dont have any pics taken dis morning - too occupied being a Mama... maybe tomorrow k Papa :) For the mean time:

An Eye Candy just for Papa~

Dats 1 down, 131 days to go....


mama ryan said...

ala.. ciannye awisy... papa keje jauh...

isk... xleh nak bayangkan mcm mana la kalau i kat tmp u... eh eh.. boleh la.. sbb time pantang hari tu i dok ipoh, n ayah ryan dok shah alam... he he...

but anyway, cute tul awisy capai tali camera (rasanya la..) he he..

Mimi said...

yupss tu la pasal... ni first time separate ngan Papa dia sbb pantang hrtu pun kt sini je, so everynite he sleep w Papa..

dats some sacrifice all parents hv to make one way r another eh?!

he he betul tu tali camera.. awisy mmg.. now dat he can aim n reach for things, everything in sight will goes into his mouth! notty boy

izwan said...


Hi...miss mama n baby awisy a lot.
Things different here in Budapest..sejuk giler (-5celsius), nasib baik pakai long john...hahaha!!

Last night, i only eat instant noodle (maggi ler) and fried eggs.
Hari nie la gi shopping.

Take care...muah muah muah!

Mimi said...

papa! mimi demam! sobs sobs (eceh padahal dh bgtau td).. demam rindu kot >:) awisy asleep.. tried to update blog frm phone td but failed :( later la.. tekak sakit giler!!