Friday, March 7, 2008

Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion

I looove Bud's product especially this one. Although its a lil bit pricey (RM49.90 - if I'm not mistaken), the important thing is it works! Well at least on Awisy (not sure wif ur baby)..
Once his 'sensitive area' bleeds a bit (I notice the blood as I was changing his diaper, it ws on the wipes that I used to clean him - man I ws so panic ws going to rush to ER on the spot - luckily Papa calmed me down hehhee.. ). Aft some investigation we found out that it ws actually due his new 'tight-but-stretchable' pants (demn u pants). Anyway I use this lotion n thank god the blister heals atf 2 days~
Since then I use it when he developed diaper rash, on insect bites (although I also hv the 'Mozzie Bites' this one works better), or when his skin become sensitive n developed reddish marks, or even on minor cuts/bleeding (he likes to scratch his skin whenever I forgot to cut/trim his nail -bad Mama).. Awisy does hs quite sensitive skin (according to his paed) and his skin develops reddish mark easily (also it'll be gone quite as easy). So far this lotion works like a charm (well at least on Awisy).
But it is quite hard to find, not like the other Buds product, maybe its selling like fried banana or maybe its the opposite.. I bought this one frm MomsCare in MidValley (been searching for it aft reading some testi of other moms), ws sold out frm every Mothercare outlet that I've visited -alamanda-klcc-midvalley-ou- (back then laar.. hehehe).
So watcha waiting for? Go get one now! Well its worth a try if u're still searching for products that suits ur baby aite? (but no guarantee ya! I'm just sharing my experience).. (Ok Buds, now hand me my comission hehheee.. :kidding:)

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