Tuesday, March 11, 2008


One fine morning, as Mama ws changing his diaper...
Mama: (Went to get a new diaper)
Awisy: oooooh.. Mama's magazine! I think i'll have a look..
Awisy: Boooring... I wonder why Mama bought this everymonth.
I'll stick with my Peekaboo book, Thank You.
Awisy: Hmmm.. Lemme hv a taste..
Mama: Omigod.. AWISY! what #$^$&?!!
(Sobbing) My poor mags.. I hvnt even read it yet!
Awisy: (Looking innocent) Lalalaalaa ~
After changing his diaper and putting back on his pants.....
Mama: (went to wash hand and throw away the dirty diaper)
Awisy: Oooooh.. Mama's lappie...

Mama: Excuse me mister! I DONT THINK SO!!!
(Quickly remove Awisy frm yet another possible crime scene)


p/s - catch the latest season of CSI on AXN every Wednesday nite at 10.


mama ryan said...

funny la all d caption tu...

he he...

Mimi said...

hehe.. pasni leh la i wat comic eh Mama Ryan?!