Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Power Walking

Definition: Walking around the neighbourhood area while carrying a load that weighted at least 10% of your weight

  • More calories will burn if the load emitted some challenge to the carrier i.e. jumps, kicks, claws, push away, or cry
  • Before starting ur power walk, please make sure that the load are not: sick, sleepy, hungry, and change the diaper, or else u might have to cut ur execise time short. But also be noted that the load weight will slightly increase upon feeding
  • If u require more challenge, try bringing a camera and snap lots of picture of u and ur load while walking around~
Spot the difference:



He.. he.. he........

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-me- said...

haha..i shud try 'power walking' as well...
btw, awisy is totally 100% handsome!