Sunday, March 16, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day22-28

Time flies.. Its nearly a month of me-n-awisy being here n papa being there (Budapest). But we dont mind... go on time.. move faster.. infact, chop! chop!

Its been awhile since I last wrote my "While Papa Is Away - Day X" version. Well, its actually due to the mix of nothing-really-interesting happens plus me too-tired(lazy)-too-write *sigh*.

Been willingly+slightly unwilling (but still hd to anyway) pay alotttof attention to dearest little highness who is still in the mid of training himself to crawl. While he has successfully push himself up to crawling position, he's now trying to move forward. But the coordination between his hand and leg is still unstable. Because of dat, always banging his head here and there. Thus, I hv to constantly keep my eyes on him, or else head will bang to:
-chair leg
-table leg

Mama is veryvery tired laa baby! I've lost lots of sleep (I wish its weight instead of sleep but NOT) since his training will last up to 1-2-3 am in the morning *sob*. My eyebag now is beyond help *sob sob*.

So what did we do last week?

A shopping spree @ online
Ehehehehheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee... >:) (I'll let Papa worrry on this)

A shopping spree @ Mothercare

Need I say more? (All stuffs that I bought as modeled by Awisy)

A mild case of fever+running nose+slight cough (Awisy)
This case is still unresolved. As of today the running nose hs converted to slight coughing, so I planned to bring him to our GP (paed clinnic close on sat n sun).

SPM result is out!
Yups, n my brother (Kade) got quite a good one (as being compared to his 'studying effort' last yr, huhu).. So me n Mak are busy helping him applying for unis.

A dine out @ Sushi King

Sushi is one of our favourite food! This time is actually a pre-celebration for Kade, hehhe.. Its just the 4 oooppss 5 of us.. hehe

A wedding trip @ Serting N9

Its my cousin wedding and its Awisy 1st wedding ceremony. In fact this is his 1st time back to Abah (my dad) home town. Needless to say, he (quite) stole the couple limelight n charmed (almost) everyone there with his good look n his heart-melting smile (he he). Mama, Atuk n Awe hd chance to eat peacefully while Awisy ws being passed frm hand to hand (ppl cant get enough of him!). In fact I hd to hunt for him afterwards n turned out he ws playing his jumping2 game wif my cousin, hehhee.. Lets recap some of the conversation:

Relative 1: Omak ai bosar ee mato! Cakkk! Bak sini achik pogang, ekau poi makan..
Relative 2: Comelnye! berapa bulan? nak masuk 6? boleh tahan jugak ek!
Relative 3: Ala Baiknye die! Sonyum yo.. Tak kisah sapo pogang ek? Elokla sonang omak ee jago! (errr... actually I dont quite agree wif this.. but I forgive her as she didnt aware of wat happen behind the scene.. hehehe)

And some comments to Mama:

Relative 4: Boleh tahan naik badan ko eh!
Relative 5: Umanggg.. gomok badan ekau lopeh bosalin! Wan ingat ekau dah kurus dah... Org lain selalu lopeh pantang kurus!

Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(( ....

A walk down memory lane @ KPilah N9

On the way to Serting, we passed by Kuala Pilah town. Back on 90s, I've spent almost half a decade living and growing here. I went to Science N9 @ Sek Men Sains Tuanku Jaafar. Being here always triggers tons of happy memories (the not-so-happy memories were quite forgotten by now) of my life surrounded by frens n teachers back then. Infact, STJ hs created some strong frienship bonds between us that lasted until now. Abah is also familiar with this town as he went to TMS (Tuanku Muhammad School), so we quite share the same fave location n the same fave food, hehe (let me tell u, there are a LOT of good food here, but only the locals can pinpoint the place, so ask around if u happen to be at KP)..

So we stopped by on the way back to hv my old time fave mee rojak at a Mamak restaurant that hs survived all the way till now. I took the opportunity to introduce Awisy to 'our' town but too bad, I missed the chance to snap the pics of my school's sign as it ws raining heavily..

I guess that pretty much sums up our activities for last week. Before I signed off...


p/s - Internet connection at Papa's place is currently down.. It might took weeks to repair, huhu.. Dats explain his long absence..


-me- said...

gambar awisy tido pegang mainan kat rocker dia tu kiut...
mcm tgh naik bas!

Mimi said...

hahaha.. betulla u ckp!
i pun tak terpk camtu.. lawaks!

Catz said...

kiuttttttt!!awisy cute