Saturday, March 1, 2008

While Papa Is Away - Day8-13

Some highlights of this week…

Awisy Get Vaccinated (again)

Awisy received his 3rd dose of DTP-Hib like a grown man (screamed-on-top-of-his-voice as the needle poked his skin he..he..) Not A Single Tear! Mama felt so proud that she almost wept (ok exaggerate :P). No serious medical concern during d 5th month check-up, only minor cradle cap that can be solved by shampoo and baby oil.. Alhamdulillah..

But still Mama forgot to ask some questions (thanks to awisys screams) that she planned to ask (Mama n Papa always do dis b4 paed visit) like why is the baby’s urine sometimes darkish yellow (should she be worried) n can awisy start weaning earlier as it seems like milk is no longer enuff to satisfy his cute tummy… (why am I writing like I’m a 3rd person anyway?)

Pic of d day… (Thanks to Atok n Awe for accompanying us to d paed clinic) :D

Mama I’m lil bit nervous… Errr.. cn we go home now?

Thanks Dr Siti.. We lurve you~

A Family Reunion

Papa’s sister n her family hs came back aft 4 yrs staying in Birmingham.. Our Bro in Law is now a proud owner of phd in (something related to) law (congrats Dr. Along he..he..). Me n Awisy dropped by their hse aft work n it felt so good to finally meeting em aft 2 yrs of hearing stories+speaking on the phone (we got married while they were in London.. go figure).

K Long n B Long are such a good sport… Awisy 3 cousins Syira, Dina and Ammar are 3 gorgeous kids! And well behaved too.. Ammar (youngest n d only bee among flowers) kissed Awisy few times n even offered him to play wif his Thomas train.. such a mature manner for a 3 yr old boy.. n he’s no longer wearing diaper!.. Syira n Dina were still sleepy (jetlagged) during our met..

Mama hd to cut the visit short as Awisy-the-party-popper poo-pooed while having his milk (he like to do dis, I call it 'Atas-Masuk-Bawah-Keluar' hehee..) n silly Mama didn’t bring any diaper.. N owh Mama didn’t take any pics (shy-shy to take out the cam.. this is our 1st met)… Next time k Papa?! All of em sends their regards, luvs n hugs to u~

Updates on Awisy

Is training himself to crawl.. He hs successfully push himself up to crawling position (a few times) yet still fail to maintain the position.. The key is 'balance' but he must figure it out himself..

Sadly his favourite training time is just before we went to sleep EVERY nite aft Mama tucked him under his blanket (Papa's smelly tshirt). He will immediately roll down his body n try hard to lift up both his cute butt and torso up n cry 'frustatingly' as either one is too heavy to push up booohooo.. Mama will then roll him back up n tuck him (again) as he will roll down-lift-then-cry (again). The repeating process will happens a few time until either one Awisy or Mama become too tired to care n fell asleep only to wake up feeling confused who sleep first last nite.. This hs led to Mama's eyebag to match her fav blouse (puffy n black).. Thanks a lot my baby~

Some Updates on Mama

Still hs not loosing any weight (yups been planning to diet since Awisy) in fact might be gaining some hahaha.. Work is piling high up, some of em (almost all) need to be taken care quickly as projects dues r getting nearer n nearer :scared: .. Big Boss hs dropped lots of hints here n there – saying 'please work harder' hee.. (note to my self : must STOP blogging n bloghopping at work).. Ermm what else… Owh is tryng the very hardest to cut every expense short (is savng money for some nearfuture plan – don’t want to write abt it (yet) - as it mite jinx it).. hmmmmm...yups.. i think dats abt it...

Okie Dokie Folks... Dats All for Now~

Yay.. Its 13 Days Down - Only 120 Days To Go (till we meet Papa again)!

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