Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay! Feeding Time

I am so excited! Been planning to feed him for ages hehhee.. God knows how I refrain myself frm weaning him at 4 mths. Yeah yeah I know its dangerous blablabla (I wait what?). The initial plan ws to start weaning him during the Maulid Nabi evening, too bad the fever come in our way. So the plan hs been push to when? Today! Yay~

Funny how his tooth buds appear just at the rite time eh? FYI I only notice them while he ws shouting as Dr gave him the Hep-B injection. I ws so excited, I cant wait to get out of paed room to inform everyone i.e. Papa, Abah, Mak n Dhiah (my sis) hehehe. Anyway, I've discussed wif paed abt weaning him n she agreed that he's now ready for solid food. Her advise is to start with carbo food such as plain rice porridge (blended) for one week and then i can start to add other ingredients such as chicken bits, meat, veggies, as well as fruits.

Mama look I can sit! Its a sign I'm ready to wean~

Back frm the clinic I persuaded Abah to stop by our local baby store. I need to be prepared aite? hehe.. (ask Papa how I've been stalking every Mothercare store examining their feeding utensils n what not since he ws 3mth++, but at last I bought them at our local baby store je.. hehe) I bought Nuby's storage bowl, fork, and spoon (I actually picked feeding bowl as well but I must hv left it somewhere as its not in my plastic bags back home). I also bought new chot-chot for Awisy thats suitable for teething, its got Mr Turtle on it - super cute! hehe.. And tonight we went to electric store to buy food processor to 'process' his food(Thanks Papa :D)..

Nuby's feeding utilities

Look! I hv Mr Turtle on my mouth!

The food processor

Notty Mama, I kind of break the paed rule though. Since we only bought the food processor tonite , I cant blend a rice porridge for him (yeah rite! alasan je.. hehe), but I cant wait any longer! So I feed him Gerber baby food (peach) instead.. hehe.. As predicted, he loved it! He ws like surprised n curious n he kinda screwed his face (its a bit sour) but he ws asking for more. I only gave him 2 spoonful though (well its a start rite?)..

His first food~

The priceless moment ws recorded by the unprofessional videographer @ Mak hehehe.. Watch his face!


Next pit stop : high chair.


CikPuanMuda said...

owh... sangat gewram tgk budak ini...

naza said...

alos yer..
nnt blh start bg awish mkn vege puree or fruit puree..dolu2 aku rajin broccoli and peas, blend jd puree,carrot puree and mesh potato..buat ptg la..hehhe gud luck..lama tak ngk awisy..btw aku ade highchair..ikea..2 sets..if u're interested do contact me..

Mrs ZYI said...

iman pun guna the same storage bowls set tapi kaler biru hijau.. ;)

mmg cute je bekas2 tu, very convenient bwk jalan and utk taruk dlm fridge..

Mimi said...

cikpuanmuda >> memang geram kan! rasa nk squeeze2 je slalu

dr naza (ehem) >> ehehehe pasnih lehla aku mintak consultation abt feeding frm ko..

k yus >> mmg cute! skangnie i mcm addicted plak buying nuby's stuffs kekekek