Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam

Thats where I'll be tis 13 to 26 April. Not on luxury trip, but for a regional training on FPGA.

What do I know abt FPGA? Nada = Zero.
I guess dats the point.

Aiyooo - Papa in Budapest : Mama in Hanoi : Awisy in Bangi

Luckily theres *Tok Daddy n Awe

*Tok Daddy - Abah's new nick kekekeke :D

p/s - thanks to my buddy Nyettosan for her virtual tourist guide hehhee..
Oi enable ur comment laar, easy for me to kutuk puji!!


Mrs ZYI said...

since nyet's blog tak leh comment here's a msg for her:

mimi (bukan nama sebenar)..

lawak sungguh aaa..hahaha

Mimi said...

cesssss... alaa dia lupa nk tulis tu (nyetto - pun bukan nama sebenar hehehehehe)