Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Den @ Play Pen @ Play Yard - Follow Up..

As mentioned in my prev entry, here it is - his new babyden~

I forgot to mention that I've aimed to get this since I ws preggie..
Where did I get the idea? Rugrats Cartoon! wooohooo~

We finally bought the Mothercare's baby den..

Prior to that, we searched n researched (eceh) for others n found a few other brands available in Malaysia i.e. Lindam, Graco (if I'm not mistaken), etc..etc..
But none were in stock (really!) except the one in The First Years which is the most expensive and Papa veto my decision to get that one (to my defend: the size is bigger n the diff is merely around hundred or so)..

While we were touring MV n Gardens looking for this, I received a call..
"Hi Mdm Mimi, we've ordered the babyden n it'll arrive tomorrow.. u can come n hv a look.."

Its frm Mothercare Alamanda..

The size ws a tad smaller than I expected n the height taller..
But Papa said "kalau besar sgt nak letak kat mana?"
And I kinda like its bottom padding which is thick and soft n comfy..
Plus this is the cheapest we could find plus some discount thanks to my VIP mothercare card..

So here it is~

Prove to be useful when I ws cooking his food last nite n Papa ws watching tv.. we dont have to worried about him crawling to kitchen or eating wires or sticking fingers in plugs or banging his head on furnitures and what not (thats how active he is! really)

Nonetheless he cried like no tomorrow when he saw me bringing his plate to the dining table (I guess he ws hungry since it ws quite late than usual by that time).. Other than that, everything seems to be fine, sometimes I let the door open to let him familiarized with it..

Awisy also use the small poles to stand-up n cruise around the baby den, sometimes frm inside or sometimes frm outside.. huhuhu..

I guess we'll used it to the fullest when we come back to our crib.. yes! u got it right, we're still crashing in my folks hse.. malas nak pindah barang huhuhu.. especially barang2 Awisy yg selori itu..

Gambar selingan~

Cheers! :D


mama ryan said...

this give me an idea... tp sedangkan playpen pun ryan xnak dok dlm tu, nie kan pulak baby den nie??? hmmm...

Catz said...

hem..aku nih blur-blur lah ttg isyilah-istilah yg pen..den dsbgnya nih..
tapi nampak sgt other words benda nih cam kandang baby lah ek...wooo.sgt senang ko nak jaga dia..hiksss...benda ni bleh tanggal2kan ke??...
berapa rege nih?..ratus2 ke ribu2 ni? itu sgt cute lah..