Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Den @ Play Pen @ Play Yard

Papa is coming home in 1 day! yay~
Its been the longest 4 months of my life..
Lots of stuffs happened in this period
And if u hv followed right from the root of this blog
U'll definitely notice how much Awisy hs grown since Papa ws away..

I cant wait for tomorrow, although I felt slightly sad to leave my parents house and move back to our crib..
It'll be a strange situation for Awisy especially, one minute he ws surrounded his atok, awe, makngah, paklang, pakchik, n pak usyok, and the next thing he'll know its just he n me n a stranger (Papa la!)
But we'll adjust n adapt well, I know :)
Not to mention my parents house is merely 5 minutes away! ha di ha :D

I'm considering to get this thing..
Its Mothercare baby den/play pen (click on the pichas)..
As there'll only be me n papa to take care of him onwards, we'll surely need all the help that we can..
While our home is a land mine for baby (yups its not baby proofed), this thing will restrict him in one place..
It can also be disconnected and used as safety gate for stairs n kitchen..
I'm looking for other brands though.. maybe a bigger one..
This one is quite small which is around 1m squared..
I've noticed one in The First Years (The Curve) but its more expensive than Mothercare's n I cant remember its size, i.e. which one is bigger..

Suggestions / Comments please dear mommies?

Its 131 days down.. ONLY 1 DAY TO GO :D


mrs noba said...

if i'm not mistaken i followed ur blog when you were about 1-2 months away from ur dear hubby...

and yeah, awisy besar dah skang ni...
sure dia excited nak jumpa papa nih...

Zuhaini said...

yep.. betul.. it has been quite sometime now since the first time i saw this blog..

Awisy pun da besor..

amik cuti ke, nak gi jemput papa awisy di KLIA..?

erm.. benda ini comel.. tapi mesti mahal ek..? berapa eh..? erm kalau tgk blog lily safiyya, rasanya mak dia beli je swimming pool, letak comforter sket.. da siap! hihi..

mama ryan said...

x brani i nak comment on d play yard... sbb babycot ryan yg kami turned to play pen pun dia xnak dok.. tension je, asal letak je sure melalak...

but if awisy well behave, ok je beli play pen nie..

anyway, woohoo!!! papa awisy dah balik mesia... lain kali snap pic, sure b3 kan!!!

Mimi said...

mrs noba >> yups.. excited sgt sampai terhantuk kusi

zuhaini >> xleh nak tiru mommy lily sbb awisy bole panjat inflated pool tu.. senang je dia nak keluar drpd situ..

mamaryan >> dats my concern too.. takut dia xmo dok dlm tu, nnt membazir pulak.. hmmm