Thursday, June 12, 2008

Health Plan Execution #2

I ws supposed to bring Awisy to paed for his 3rd dose of Rotavirus and 1st dose of prevenar on 10th of June..
(for more info check out here and here)
Tapi biasa laaa tangguh2.. bukannya apa, part paling xbesh kat Annur Paed tu is waiting for ur turn.. ramai ooo..

Tis morning, I called up the clinnic n Dr. Siti is in till 1:00pm..
Picked up Awisy frm babysitter, aunty tu dh siap mandi smart2 n feed his milk..
Sampai2 clinnic, "Eh why u smelly cat nieh Wisy-wisy??"
Alaaaaaaaaa.. Awisy yak-yak... thank god I hv 1 emergency diaper pull-up-pantz type in my office bag..
Dah laaa susah nak wash him alone, huhu (I hardly use wipes nowadays, straight away go to toilet n do our bussiness)..
Bila dah clean everything, he throw-up plak kat baju mama... grrrrrrrrrrr....

yeahh, klinik ini Awisy yg punya!

Anyway, everything went smoothly after that, we wait for our turn yadi yadaa... There were a lot of toys to entertain him plus there were 4 kittens in front of the glass door that keep him occupied (for a while)..

here kitty kitty kitty...

Finally aft 40-50 mins (there were 5 patients before us), his name was called, thank god..

So now all 3 doses of his rotavirus vaccination is finally completed (Yay!)..
The prevenar jab sting harder than others I guess..
Dr Siti said "Peluk dia Mama, jabs ni sakit sikit drpd yg lain, sure menjerit nanti.."
And yups, he screamed sampai merah2 muka keskeskess :D
After dat Awisy terus dont fren dr.. hehe.. Siap grrr-grrr lagi kat doktor.. :D

I asked Dr about changing frm formula (Enfalac A+) to the next step (Enfapro A+)...
And she said yeah its about time.. well actually the diff is mainly on the protein n carbo contents.. They cater based on the body requirements at the particular age..
Hmm.. will do then..

More info cn be found here

This time it costed me a whooopping RM508.. (rotavirus+prevenar+consultation+meds).. Pheww... seb baik dh kluar duit awal2..

Dr Siti also mentioned "Mana Papa dia? dh lama xnampak.. "
Mama replied "Papa went to Hungary, 4 mths.. next week dia balik.. "

Btw did u count??

Its 6 days to Papa :D

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