Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motivate Me

I'm so not in the mood for work rite now..
Seriously, someone please pinch me n wake me up..
I just want to shutdownthePC run back home (well, drive) n snugglemybaby..
Thank god in 5 minutes or so I'll be able to do that..

Lets blame the PMS..

Owh, did I mention? We got the mothercare baby den/play pen..
Not in the mood to blog about that either..
Nothing wrong with it, in fact I'm pretty excited, but blah blah blah blah


Note: Might regret writing this n might remove it like my previous post..

Lets blame the PMS.


mrs noba said...

i managed to read ur previous post...
then bila i pegi balik..aik??!!!xde?
hahaha..u delete rupanya...

Zuhaini said...

heheh.. mrs noba, macam chipsmore eh..? hihi

Mimi said...

mrs noba >> hoho x sangka ada org sempat baca.. tapi bukannye ada ape2 pun kan! kan! mmg pms pun smalam.. hehe

zuhaini >> chipsmore?! nak~