Friday, June 27, 2008

Of Baby Den and Others

Of Playing On His Own

Remember his Fisherprice 'tunnel'?
Looks like he found a new innovative way to play with it..
Hehehe :D

Of Baby Food

Lately Awisy poops were not as solid as it should be (sorry too much infos here) which led to other stories i.e. rashes and I dont wanna go into that, huhuhu.. Hope it'll all go away very-very soon..

I hv a new very simple recipe to share:

Chicken Soup for Babies

Its very basic:

Chicken cubed
Potato cubed
Carrot cubed
Frozen peas

Dump everything into ur pan. Bring to boil n then simmer until all ingredients are soft/well cooked..

Eat with soft mushy rice..

Of SATC And Other Movies

After a few forgetfull days (ha ha), Mama brought my SATC dvd collections for my colleagues i.e. Purp n Saira who're also eager to watch the movie.. (wooohoooo!!!)

And Mama n Papa managed to watch 2 movies; 27 dresses n chipmunks.. both are enjoyable but i'd say chipmunks is for kids.. hehe.. i love 27 dresses~ its a simple movie but its been a while since i watched chickflick.. (did u watch meangirls? love it!).. i'm a sucker for chickflicks.. :D

Of This Weekend

I hv a few things lined-up for this weekend.. My bro i.e. Awisy pakchik is accepted to Uniten n tomorrow will be their registration day~ Congrats n goodluck Kade! Mamat sorg ni xpenah dok hostel, am sure he's anticipating the big day tomorrow with a mixture of happy n excited n nervous n anxious :D

Kateje laaa umah sekangkang kere je drpd hostel tu kan (Aku dulu tercampak ke kualo pilah nun 5 tahun pastu tronoh pulak 5 tahun huhuhu)..

Next Dr Naza is having aqiqah n cukur jambul ceremony for her new son (congrats babe~).. will not miss the event!

Next moving back to our crib which involve lotsa angkat barang-masuk kete-drive-kuarkan barang-masuk umah...

Finally dh pujuk Papa pegi Ikea..

What?! bukannak shopping pun (dh broke huhuhu)..
Saje je jalan-jalan..

Happy-Weekend-ing Everybody~


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purp said...

i luv meangirls! tp 27 dresses x on par pun dgn meangirls tp still ok lah. tq for bringing the satc dvds! watching them is my top priority rite now ;-)