Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tribute to Someone Special

A day before the Father's Day, we received a sad news..

Abah lost his beloved father
Wan lost her dearest husband
We lost our beloved atok
Awisy lost his dearest toknyang

Atok has left us.. Innalillah..

It was a shocking news for everyone..
Atok left us without any notice..
It was an accident between car n motorcycle, and my atok was driving the motorcycle..
I'll spare the details of the accident..

I will always remember him
Moments of him n with him keep playing in my mind
Its hard to believe that he's really gone
But when seeing and kissing him for the one last time, the reality hit me..
He's really gone..

Only our memory and doas were left to connect us..


Who would have thought that we will be surprised by the heart breaking news while we were eagerly counting days of Papa's arrival..

The most heart breaking part ws we (me n Awisy) missed the chance to meet arwah atok for the last time, when my parents and sister went back to visit him last 2 weeks..
I ws planning to join them but Awisy was hit by a fever so we stayed at home..
During breakfast of the unfortunate day, my sister mentioned to me "haritu masa balik, atok ingat awisy balik sekali.."
And I went "Laaa.. ye ke? padahal kan mmg dh plan nak balik sekali, tapi tibe2 Awisy demam.. xpela nnt abg wan balik nak ajak dia pi sana bawak Awisy.."
And later that evening we were shocked by the unexpected news...
Imagine how I felt..

I cant really find the exact words to describe my late atok..
He ws down-to-earth, warak, quiet, calm, etc.. etc..
But the thing I remember most ws he never forget about us..
Even when my brothers rarely joined us to visit him, he'll always 'kirim' a little something-something for everyone of us, even for Awisy..
And he hd like tenss of grandchilds n great grandchilds (my father hs 11 siblings)..

I will also remember the times while I was in STJ
He'll come on weekends with Wan to visit me with some foods or fruits on his motorcycle..
I'll cherish those moments forever..

He look very peacefull in his sleep....

Alfatihah to my Atok..
Arwah Md Derus Bin Othman


Ms Lola said...

Al-Fatihah to Arwah. It's a sad news.

mama ryan said...

alfatihah dr kami sekeluarga...

mommysarah said...

Al-Fatihah to arwah. semoga hidupnya dirahmati Allah s.w.t. Banyak bersabar yer Mimi.

mrs noba said...

it is a sad news...
my doa for your atok...

Catz said...

Takziah...Al Fatihah..