Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trick 'O' Treat

**Pichas updated :)

As I write Papa is flying high above.. (eceh macam ada kepak pulak)
For some of u who tot he's already here, nope not yet, but Insyallah he'll be here in approximately 8 hrs frm now (his flight is scheduled to touch down 19th June, 6:25am KL time)..

So today, I took a day off to finnish some errands i.e. spring cleaning or little crib :D

Here's my schedule for today:

10:30am : send Awisy to his babysitter hse

11:00am : arrive in Alamanda

11:00am - 12:00pm : wandering around the shops of Alamanda, looking for new clothes.. tried a few in Sommerset Bay, there was this nice bohemian dress with 3quarter sleeve but when I put it on, definitely not my style..

12:00pm : giving up attemp to find new clothes for me, heading towards Mothercare

12:02pm : stop by Poney

12:25pm : walking out of Poney ladden wif bag full of Awisy's

12:27pm : stop by Aussino

12:45pm : walking out of Aussino ladden wif bags of pillows(4), bedsheet, n quilt cover

12:50pm : deposit all bags into the car trunk

1:00pm : headed toward magazine stalls n MPH looking for my monthly must read MotherBaby (UK version - love it to bits! full of info n product reviews) only to find its sold out.. hd to settled with parents mag.. :(

1:10pm : rushing towards SushiKing, freaking hungry!! had unagi kabayaki set, smoked salmon n egg mayo sushis (no wonder my diet attemp failed :P)

1:30pm : rushing home to pick up helper to clean the hse

1:50pm : arrive at our little crib.. phewww..

2:00 - 5:30pm : spring clean in progress..

4:00pm : meet with Wiz of Wizzcakes who delivered Papa little surprise :)

p/s - Wiz, thanks so much for entertaining my last minute order! the cuppies looking soo divine we cant wait to dig in! (I've 'accidentally' brush off some cream on my finger n tasted it - soo goood :D)

5:30pm : pick-up Awisy, sent back my so-rajin helper, pick-up my sis n headed towards Warta to meet Emak n Abah for pizza dinner :)

10:00pm : am writing this blog :D

Aiyooo.. I've actually prepared some photos for the above but the not-so-broad maxis broadband connection sucks big time I cant even upload 1 small photo *^&&%^$%#...

Will update later..




Ms Lola said...

You mesti tak sabar, kan??!! Am happy for you and family.

mama ryan said...

adakah u jot down ur all ur schedule??

hu hu.... kagum sbb dasat timing u tu..

Ms Lola said...

Eh, dear, I didn't see the bed sheet earlier. Lawa, ok... Oh, mentang2 hubby nak balik, cadar pun baru, ya? *wink wink*

yayafamily said...

u order cup cake tu ngan sape yek?
nak contact no
or any website address...

Mimi said...

mrs lola >> thanks! :D

mamaryan >> ehehe, actually keep on looking at my watch sbb byk bende nak settle (tp still sempat shopping) huhuhu

ms lola >> hehe.. nottyy aa u ;) syyyhh..

yayafamily >> click on the link on the post k! dh include skali..

Wiz said...

Dearest Mimi,

It was a pleasure meeting you. I could sense the excitement in you upon meeting the love of your life. The glow you had on your face warmed up the entire neighbourhood. Wished I could stay and chat but it was more appropriate to let you prepare for the home welcoming of your husband.

Have a lovey dovey catching up time alright.

Thanks for the order.

Mimi said...

Hi Wiz :D Thanks for stopping by! Cuppies u mmg best n ur service also frenly n tip-top.. Highly recommended :D