Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Extravaganza

A Trip Back To Malacca

Malacca is Papa hometown (homestate?) n my emaks as well. On Saturday, we headed back there to visit Atok n Nenek Malacca as well as TokNyang n NekNyang :D

The journey was fine wif no heavy traffic or watsoever, but somehow Awisy refused to sit on his carseat.. Cranky giler!! Last2 Mama couldnt stand his this-and-that and released him from the seat i.e. pangku him on my lap n suddenly his world become a better place n his mood lifted terus gelak2 n smiling.. sabo je laaa..

We stopped by Air Keroh's Toll Plaza to do some bussiness n took some photos as well.. Jakun sket ehehe, dh lama asek amik gamba Mama+Awisy je kann.. Now dah cukup korum! :D

As we arrived, his Atok n Nenek were already waiting :D Awisy ws a bit shy at first, ye laa kan dh lama xbalik huhuhu.. But then Atok bring him for jalan-jalan around the block terus lupa kat Mama n Papa ;)

While he ws napping, Mama n Papa rushed to Jusco to tapau some Nandos.. We lurrve it especially its sour-spicy taste of Hot Peri Peri.. But this time we settled on Milds since Atok n Nenek were not really used to its taste, still good though, bone licking good.. hehe

N sempat gak Mama capai dis white wedges at Carlo Rino.. this is my first n contrary to its heighty heights, its surprisingly comfy! Dukung Awisy pun still tak penat.. Looks like I know what to get me for future :D Hehehehe..

By the way, if u notice my white blouse, its Hungarian made, hand stitched, nice aite? :D I got 2 of em, thanks to Papa! I decided to vamp it by using white belt, tapi nampak a lil bit weird in pichas.. watcha think?

3 of Us at Alamanda

Back frm Malacca on Sunday nite, we stopped by Alamanda to restock groceries as well as Awisy milk n diaper..
Papa looking for new movies.. We got 27 dresses's n Alvin and The Chipmunks's..

And I got him a new feeding set since his prev ones were left at Serting.. tertinggal.. And its Thomas! So cute..

What can I say? My soulmate i.e. Jalan-Jalan i.e. Makan-Makan i.e. Shopping-Shopping i.e. Banker (hehe) companion is back!

Yippie :D


mrs noba said...

eh, nice blouse!

Zuhaini said...

hihi.. cantek belt n wedge tuh.. tapi frankly speaking.. i tak pernah pakai wedges.. so tatau la dia comfortable ke tak.. hihi..

cantek feeding set tu.. :)