Friday, July 11, 2008

Cranky Baby

This lil prince of ours seems to be a bit cranky lately which led us wondering why?
Did we do anything wrong? Did we offended him in someway? (can baby feel offended btw)

For example when we tried to hold his hand, he'll 'rentap' his hand frm us and goes 'hrrgghh' (in angry tone).. Or when he's wandering around the living room (on his own) and we picked him up, he'll cry (angry cry).. Garang taw Awisy skarang.. Dont play play!

Papa guessed that we need to spend more time with him.. Lucky tomorrow is weekend already so we get to do dat.. Just lazying around the house with him, I guess.. I really hope dat this is just a phase..

Nak manja-manja ngan Mama Papa eh Awisy?

p/s - if I get the chance, I'll try to record how he berebut comb with me everytime I try to comb his hair.. then u'll get to see how cranky he is now (at one point he even throw the comb when i try to force it away, huhu)


mrs noba said...

awisy dah ada senyum trademark laaa...

fatin said...

i guess they r starting to show their personality..i rs la... my baby pon dh start nk ngamoks bile kitorg amik stuff yg dia tgh sumbat dlm mulut. hehehehe.. takkoot!!! :P

BabyBooned said...

your awisy is so cute lah. a'ah memang as they grow older they make more and more perangai. it can get so irritating! i remember there was this one time gib was sooo cranky but in the end i just tickled him and played peekaboo with him on and on sampai he got over his crankiness suddenly. pelik! like they've got mood swings pulak..?

Mimi said...

mrs noba >> aaah skangnie awisy senyum main kerut2 hidung plak..

fatin >> same here!! kalau dia dh pegang something tu mmg susah nak amik balik kan?! sure marah.. hiihi

babybooned >> so i guess the mood swing is normal la eh.. i takut kalau kitorgg ade tersilap buat apa2 kat die hehe.. but u r soo true, time die tgh marah/cry bila tickle or agah bole plak gelak2.. huhu