Monday, July 7, 2008

Eat Out and Sleep Out

Last saturday we stayed at The Royale Bintang Seremban for a night. Actually Atok has this book-editing thingy at the hotel n he invited everyone wif him dats including us! hehe.. Thanks Abah~

This is Awisy 1st time ever staying at the hotel, plus he ws having the fever.. But we still manage to enjoy our stay! Minus the fact that he woke up several time at night just being cranky n me worried he'll jatuh katil (we move the bed to the wall n place him next to the wall, but he managed to bypass me at night he sleep between me n Papa till morning)..

The food OMG... Makan sgt banyak tau! Yea laa buffet breakfast-lunch-dinner.. huhuhu.. I even got to satisfy my long-time-craving of raw oysters.. slurrrpppp.... I have this thing about raw food, thats basically why I love sushi so much.. But oysters, u cant just simply order oysters in any other restaurant right?

Enuff said, I'll let the pichas do the talking~

Sadly on Sunday afternoon Awisy temperature rise again so we hd to cancel our plan to roam around Seremban.. But no worries mate, everything is fine now :)

Back to work (-.-) !


mrs noba said...

ooohhhh...i memang tabley nak appreciate oyster tu! :)

Ms Lola said...

Ala cutenye gmbr Awisy yg kat last pic tu!!! Sgt cheeky, ok..

Mimi said...

mrs noba >> ye ke? cuba try lagi dan lagi, manatau tersuka hehe

ms lola >> cheeky kan! padahal tgh fever tu