Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Learning How To Stand Up

Its 'that' time again when he's working hard to acquire a certain skill, for now its standing on his own (without any support)~
His step is something like this; find a base support like Mama's or Papa's body, lift his body with his hand supporting him on the base, and release his hand frm the base, walla! he's standing up~ he can stay up by a few seconds n then he'll try to jump up-down so of course he'll fall lah.. he he.. cute taw!
Yang Mama n Papa (merangkap Atuk dan Awe he he) risaukan ialah he always thought/expect someone behind him, ready to catch him as he toppled backward.. dalam baby den tu pun dah terhantuk a few times huhuhu, nampaknya dah x selamat dah.. but unless it really painful, he simply laugh when he fall, sabo je laa..
Keep on trying my baby.. u know Mama n Papa will always be on ur back to catch u anytime u fall~


mama ryan aka emma said...

cute!!! ryan pun dah mula cuba2 nak lepaskan tgn dia bila bdiri tu...

go go awisy!! nnt suruh mama rakam then tempek kat sini yek!!! :D

Mimi said...

wahh express la ryan!
susah plak nk record, bila mama dh standby ngan camera, awisy mesti tamau buat.. huhuhu