Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lets Do A Home Pedicure

As I look down to my feet when I put on my shoes last nite, I realize one thing..
I need a pedicure! full stop

My skin is dry, rough, and flaky, and dont even get me started on my nails :(
Whats the use of pretty-looking shoes if we cant flaunt it with pretty-looking feet?
I mean yeah we can hide it with some shoes but what if I want to put-on those Gisele Bundchen Ipanema's?
Then RM69 (the price of the purple flip-flop which I cant get my self to buy seeing how the flip-flop and my feet did not complement each other) would be such a waste...

Desperate time call for desperate measure (once again!).
As manicure and pedicure at beautysaloon are such a no-no (well not really, its just I dont have the T.I.M.E :( )
I google-d on pedicure at home or DIY and its do-able la I think..

Here goes:

You will need:

Great attitude - this is a time for you - 25 minutes
A nail file of high quality
A feet file
A plastic or glass bowl big enough for a foot bath with warm water
Cotton balls2 tablespoons of sugar
5 table spoon of oil, and optional 3 drops of essential oil or lemon juice.
An orange stick - not sure what is this, some other sites mentioned cuticle stick, the one they used to scratch ur nail to clean it i think, will try to find it at Guardian..
Nail polish remover
2 fluffy towels and a 2 small towels
hand or body lotion and oil (it can be body oil or a light vegetable oil such as olive or sunflower)
A nail cutter
Optional: nail polish of your preferred color and color base if you are using a strong color (this will take additional time)


1-Identify a good place to get your pedicure; it has to have a a comfortable chair. Place all the ingredients and tools next to it. Place one of the towels on the floor
2- Mix 5 tablespoons of oil, essential oil or lemon juice and sugar
3- Prepare the foot bath with warm water, 4 tablespoons of oil. Place on the towel (the one you have put on the floor)
4- Wet the 2 small towels and put in the microwave so they get hot, then place them in a plastic bag for future use.
5- Pedicure time. Eliminate any nail polish you may have
6- Cut your nails and file them to your desire shape
7- Put your feet into the water and let them be there for 10 minutes (at least 5 minutes if you do not have time)
8- Now push your cuticles with the orange stick
9- Apply the scrub on your feet. Make sure every area is treated.
10- Wash it out with the foot bath water, dry the feet and move the foot bath to the side.
11- Gently apply some oil or cream to the nail and massage the cuticles
12- Wrap the towel around your hands and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes or until they are not warm any more.
13- Get your feet file and pass it on the rough areas. If you are not applying polish, you are done; if not
14- Apply the base coat (transparent nail polish) wait for a minute or 2 and apply one coat of you color, wait 3 minutes and apply second coat.

(courtesy of: this site)

Easy rite? Whatcha waiting for? Take care of ur feet now before its too late!


Zuhaini said...

heheh.. kalau kat umah pun tak dak T.I.M.E.. camner..? hihi

anyway, tq! i'll try it.. (if i have the time..)

Catz said...

aduh mimi..good tips lah..tapi komplikated gituh..

Mimi said...

zuhaini >> itulaa.. kene la suruh papa layan baby dlm 1/2 jam camtu

catz >> complicated ke?? xyahla buat semua, yg penting rendam kaki n scrub bagi halus balik kot.. haku hentam je nieh

okinokiyo said...

OMG mimi..i pun thinking nak wat pedicure & facial on my own sebab husband outstation this arini baru nak carik few brg2 kaki yg xder haha

Mimi said...

hahaha ye ke?? adela geng aku! tu la petang ni nak singgah guardian carik bende2 yg xde.. happy pedicure-ing~