Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Lil BBQ Party

His Pakchik ws off to Uniten on Sunday afternoon. We had a lil bbq brunch before that, grilled by not-so renowned chefs Atok and Papa (he he) and marinated by urs truly~ Easy peasy, as that was an impromptu bbq wif a lil time for preparations, I simply used soy sauce@kicap kipas udang mixed with chilli sauce@life as the marinating sauce, taste finger licking good none-the-less.

My adik-bongsu (Pak Busyokk) yang control hensem n susahhh giler nak amik gamba die :P

We had chicken, beef, small-calamari (@ squids lah), prawns, and kerang~ Abah’s little electric grill proves to be convenient and useful and easy to clean afterwards! (Nanti kitorg nak pinjam tau Bah!)

Pakchik doing last minute preparationsss.. memang nak kene ketuk!! Lenkali check list betul2!!

Bila dorg dah sampai uniten, (hp ringing) "Along! kene bawak long sleeve putih for orientation! tolong belikan kat memana 2 helai! size S taw!"..

Rushing me n Papa n Awisy (huhu) mandi n siap-siap n pi cari baju putih tu. Dah laa susahhh giler nak jumpa size S, sian salesgirlss kat market tu kene snappy-snappy ngan Mama, huhuhu.. pressure taw!! Like I mentioned b4, seb baik umah sekangkang kera...

After dat we lepak-lepak at the Uniten makan place till 6ish pm, off to Dr Naza's hse for her 2nd son Adam Syahmi (sorry sab kalau misspell) Aqiqah.. Silly me, forrgot to take any pichas! We hd to cut short our visit as Awisy yak-yak (again!) n I've use all the spare diapers that I brought.. huhu..

Awisy diarrhea lasted for 5 days, n I guess thanks to the Rotavirus vaccination, he didnt feel any discomfort n still berselera makan-makan throughout those period so no worries abt dehydration.. The only symptom is frequent poo-ings (the worst was 5 times a day) which caused his 'cheeks' to blisted (ade ke such word? hentam je Mama nieh).. Thank God he's okay now~

Thats all for now folks~ ta ta~

Pesanan for my bro frm Me, Papa, n Awisy:

Good Luck Pakchik!! Study rajin-rajin n jangan nakal-nakal :P ... We'll always pray for ur success~


Catz said...

kat mana abah mu beli bbq electric set tuh....mahal tak?..i tot nak beli satu lah...
eh..budak kecikkkk baju kuning tu tetappppppp kontrol cute ek....

Mimi said...

hmm.. die beli kat ne eh.. lupalaa.. tapi yg brand tefal tu.. besh gak, xyah nk cari2 arang etc.. beli la catz, leh wat bbq kt apmt u laks ;)