Saturday, July 5, 2008

Standing With Help of Fisher's

The vclip as requested by MamaRyan :)

He ws leaning on his Fisherprice Sit-To-Stand given by MakLong (Thanks MakLong!)

Tapi dis time I notice he ws not as determined as before, meaning he'll try whenever he feels like doing it..

Last time masa tgh nak merangkak, he was all out, skejap2 angkat his cute butt, x dapat nangis, hehehe..

Hey, no pressure baby..

Take all the time dat u need okay~

1 comment:

mama ryan aka emma said...


wanna know something? just last nite, ryan was trying to stand up on his own!!! tkejut i & hubby, sbb all this while, kami yg akan cuba bdirikan dia..

tp rugi... vclip x clear... waaaaaaaaaaa