Monday, July 21, 2008

Sushi Dinner

This post is a bit overdue..
On my bday nite, Abah treat us with my fav food :D
What else? Sushiiiiiiiiii....

Not everyone was there though..
Pakchik got class, Paklang n Pak Busyok gone wif the wind huhuhu..
Leaving Us, Makngah, Atok n Awe :)

My first bday as Mama :D
Not-so mysterius Papa :P
uikss.. Awe tgh mengunyah.. hehehehe
Thanks Abah!!
Mwahhhsssss X0X0

1 comment:

Catz said...

happy besday mimi..
hehee..sushi king alamanda keww??
saira and i oso had sushi king last weekend..hiks..