Friday, July 25, 2008

Torn Both Sides

Tell me how do u deal with crankiness in the morning? I dont, I mean if u cant beat em, join em rite?

What with cranky Awisy who wake up as early as 5 - refuse to go back to sleep - refuse to let me get ready for office (cried on top of his lungs if i left his side - seriously, all neighbours cn hear)..

And what with cranky Papa who kept rushing me coz he hs early meeting? (seriously I hate his boss, who start the meeting at 830am when some of his staffs clock-in at 830?)

Pagi-pagi masuk opis aku dh cranky, cemana nak wat keje?



Zuhaini said...

uiks.. sabo sabo..

alhamdulillah alia x cranky in the morning..
biasanya ok, except kalau kita nak bagi ubat, biasa la, teriak sikit.. :)

(aku da vote awisy.. alahai comelnye sengeh gitu..)

Mimi said...

hehe dh ok dh.. awisy ikut mood dia.. tapi pagi tadi extra manja skit, tu yg mama dia lambat siap tu.. huhuhh..

aku pun dh vote alia :D
wehs bole vote byk2 kali kan?!!