Monday, August 25, 2008

3 Days In a Row

Day 1: Saturday

The mood is low in the morning as papa refused Mama & Awisy request to go out. Instead he camped in front of TV watching olympics and sleep. To kill time, Mama n Awisy played with the building blocks.

In the evening, Papa hs sudden craves on Kenny's quarter so he brought us to Alamanda. Mama n Awisy stopped sulking upon the glourious food served on our table :D

On the way back, we realize that Awisy is a bit feverish, so we stopped by clinnic to get the medication.

Day 2: Sunday

Awisy woke up early and he ws still feverish. We fed him milk and his meds and decided to let him sleep in the spring cradle because 1. Its easier to make him fall asleep, 2. He will sleep longer.

Mama prepared brunch, steaming white rice with grilled chicken drummies, chicken soup, and stir fried broccoli and cauli flower.

Papa prepared tea, peach and passion fruits tea (our latest fav. flavour, very refreshing) and fried some keropoks. Awisy had his rice crispies.

At night, Atok n Awe came with lots of food from our neighbour who had cukur jambul aqiqah for their grandchilds..

Day 3: Monday

We wake up, and Oh NO, the fever has come back and higher than yesterday. So we decided to EL (emergency leave) to pampered our little handsome cupcake.

I totally forgot to log this:
He has 2 new buds! :D

So now, he officially has 8. 4 on top, and 4 on the bottom~



jua said...

peach and passion fruits tea tuh i siap beli 2,3 kotak sekali kuar beli brg kat kedai. ari2 kena minum sbb refreshing..yg penting tension pun ilang wooo, bau dia umph umph wangi.

Zuhaini said...

siannye Awisy.. tak sehat eh.. (nasib baik dia tak mengada-ngada & merengek-rengek..), tp baju dia tetap cun melecun! hihi.. skg da ok..?

Mimi.. awisy nak pulak tido dalam buaian eh.. Alisha da besar panjang nih.. da tak nak dah.. bila letak je dalam buaian, mata dia terbeliak.. macam la tak pernah tido dalam buaian.. last2 merengek nak kuar.. hihi.. :)

precious innocent said...

i pelik sikit la... awat ryan dah x tumbuh gigi ek???

lama x pbezaan timing gigi awisy tumbuh from 2nd -3rd?

-mama emma-