Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Award Goes To Me ;D

I'm honoured n speechless.. Hehehe, gedik sket :P
Thanks to Ruhil n Ted :D

I'm supposed to nominate another 7 blogs.. hmmmm..
Banyak sangat laaa.. susah nak choose 7 je..

So here goes..

I'd like to pass this award to everyone in my blogroll list :D

"Ur writings light up my day, n days is surely dull whenever I lost internet connection, haaa..."

Congrats guys

p/s - kalau yg tak tersenarai tu, sila tinggalkan link anda di sini..

Cumil kan my new USB hub!

TQ Papa~


ms lola said...

Chumel bangat!!! Apa lg bentuk buleh buat? Ngeee

Babysofia said...

i like toooo comei!!!!