Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bila Papa Demam....

Mama is exhausted...

Anyway, I'm quite worried because Papa's fever hs been on and off since last week..
Yesterday he went for blood check and yes his bloodcount is low but still within the border..
So today he need to do follow-up check and if its lower than yesterday, most probably he'll be warded.. :(

I wish I can take leave n accompany him today, but nooo hv so much outstanding (things to settle) at work..

Do pray for Papa aite..



Zuhaini said...

alahai siannyer.. saya doakan papa awisy cepat sehat ye! (sian mama awisy.. penat tu!)

Aimi Mukhlis said...


Ko bagi dia minum 100 plus banyak2,
Insya Allah boleh cure

Dulu aku kena denggi bloodcount jatuh sampai 80++ je, pastu makcik cleaner kat hospital tu advice minum 100+ sampai 2 botol besar hari2,
So resultnya lepas admit 3 hari dah boleh klua

Cepat bertindak, skang ni memang tgh musim demam denggi