Friday, August 8, 2008


I've been meaning to write on Awisy milestone achievement (mcm R&D report la pulak) for quite sometimes, but always found I'm lack of photos and time (yups its gonna be a long one) so I'll write about this instead..

He opens cabinets n drawers and make everything inside out..
He climbs tables and chairs and stairs and often banged his head here and there..
He this and that and this and that n Mama is tired laa deiiii...

Anyway, we've installed some childproofing stuffs to avoid/minimize mishaps..

Some of em are:

To avoid him from opening the tv cabinets and play with dvd player n astro decoder n wat not..

See wat I mean down here? He explores everything!

To avoid injuries due to the sharp edges

And the mother of all childproofing (at least to me)

But he still requires some monitoring.. Infact nowadays he spent quite sometimes inside this babyden as Papa is still not well (thanks for those who're asking), so Mama is left with all the chores, thus this is the only way to keep him safe n out of the way while I'm cooking or cleaning dishes or what not..

Hugs n kisses from us!

Happy weekend-ing everybody~
(Doakan Papa cepat sembuh ye!)


Zuhaini said...

wah.. cantek la penutup pintu rak n tepi meja tu! :)

all the best in jaga papa n awisy altogether!

awisy.. jgn nakal2 tau! :)

mrs noba said...

awisy...mesti since dah 'dapat kaki' ni seronok mengexplore...
bagus you letak benda2 tu...

Aimi Mukhlis said...


Sukalah tengok table edge cover tu. Aku yang takde anak ni pun nak letak kat tepi meja jugak kalu desing macam tu...hihi..


Catz said...

banyak rupanya gadget2 cam nh..taktau pulak aku akan kewujudannya..