Monday, August 4, 2008

A Journey of A Thousand Miles

Begins With A Single Step

K Mar took her first step last friday as she and her family flew to the city of London to pursue her phd..

This cheerful-bubly-lady-in-black is indeed K Mar, my sister in law, wife to Abd Apiz, Papa's brother..

Papa's siblings, K Fiza the eldest, Abg Apiz the second, Papa the third, and Azfar the youngest.. Just so u know, K Fizah n her family just returned frm Birmingham while Azfar himself just joined us back after finnishing his degree in US..

When I first married Papa, I only knew K Mar n Abg Apiz as they were the only ones (beside Papa of course) here.. (I met Azfar afterwards as he returned several time during his summer breaks n occasionally talked with K Fizah on the phone).. Now they are flying, n soon it'll be our turn I guess ;P

This talented little-lady is Qistina, their first daughter.. She had shown a deep interest in camera since she was small n take a really good snapshots for 4 yr old standard.. ;)

Family portraitures before the departure

Can u spot Awisy? (hint: he's not in the stroller which i know its glow in the dark features is distracting in this photo)

"Jangan masuk blog tau!" was her remark when she saw Papa snapping photos of final hugs n kisses.. hehe.. Okla backside only ;)

To K Mar n Abg Apiz..
Best of Luck to both of you.. Things might not go according to plan (I heard abt ur missing luggage) but I know everything will be sorted out soon n u'll start to enjoy ur 'journey'.. Be strong and do remember that our prayer will always be with u :D

To My niece n nephew Qistina n Alif..
Do remember us (especially Aunty Aira n La-Lang Wan n Awisy ;D) Be a good sport n be good to ur parents ok! Balik nanti bole main dgn Awisy :D

We miss u already!

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naza said... this abg apiz ni dah g london la ye..nnt blh jumpe..kasik la email die..leh contact..btw folks..abg apiz ni my faculty's staff mase i student dulu..hihi..