Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love and Labels

We went and got carrie-d away~
There're so many review already, but personally an SATC die hard fan (ha ha) I-LOVE-IT...
The Story - The Casts - The Fashions... everything about it :)

No worries... no spoiler here :D

Carrie and her Dior sandal
She's carrying an Eiffel Tower bag!
Dont remember this scene... but love the brown tone of that oversized clutch~
Dont u wish the series never end?

Wish I have a friendship like theirs~

No offense but I think this bag look better in picture than the movie.. But I do wish I hv bos who gives me Louis Vuitton hehhhh..

Am definitely gonna buy its book n dvd..
Highly reccommended!


mrs noba said...

eiffel tower bag?

Catz said...

hooo..coool ehhh...
aku pon dah ter-inflluanced (apa aku eja nih)..
kalau keja cam kita nih..sampai kiamaat lah tunggu bos bagi beg LV non-ado nya...
kalau jadik PA siti nurlijah..maybe lah...boleh dpt satu beg LV..huhuhuuh

Zuhaini said...

:) saya sbnarnye bukan die hard fan cite ni.. mungkin pasal dia x penah kuar kat Star World kot.. (ke penah..?) so, saya tak la minat seperti mana minat kat cite desperate housewive dll... best ke cite ni..? :)

Ted said...

me die hard fan SATC too! how i wish the series never end!! :)

mommylyssa said...

me heart SATC!!! i got carrie-d away last monday!!! nak nangis nak gelak semua!!! best giler!!!!