Monday, August 11, 2008

Me the Domestic Goddess

Ha di ha ha ha

I knew ppl close to me will go 'gelak guling-guling' upon reading my post title (especially Wak n Nyett)..

Boohooo :P

Just believe it, babes..

Papa is finally recovering, thank goodness. Not fully recovered, but at least there're some signs of improvement. His fever is not as high anymore n he began to regain his appetite. So last weekend ws no fun to all of us, Papa down with fever, me worrying abt Papa plus me taking over almost all the hse chores, n little Awisy sulked n cried as he ws stucked in his babyden most of the time.

At one point, I ws so exhausted, I felt like breaking down n cry. Did cried a bit actually. Such drama, I know, but that's what I felt so screw me. I'm used to our routine of dividing the chores. Me taking care of Awisy, cooking, cleaning dishes, n cleaning the hse. While Papa cooks, attends the laundry, n offers some extra hand here and there in taking care our little prince. Unlike some mommies, I don't run one woman show. I always welcome any extra hand that I can get.

But I did hd fun preparing meals for my two loved ones. Although most of the time its chicken soup n rice porridge as Papa requested (chicken ws the only thing we hd in the freezer anyway), n Papa always delaying his mealtimes, my fav moments would be feeding little Awisy. We spent some quality times during mealtimes. I even managed to teach him eating pieces of cooked veggies on his own ;) which maybe I'll feature in my future post.. He he

So there.. This weekend, I played Nigella Lawson.

Not much eh?

Oh well...

Happy New Week to Everyone!
Hope this one will be a better one for u n me :D

ps - don't get me mistaken, I'm not writing for symphaties here, just merely recording my weekend story..

pps - anyone cn suggest personal accounting software? If its free n available frm internet then better ;) Just the simple one to monitor ur cash flow n balance.. U guest it right, i'd like to manage my money more wisely he he he..


Zuhaini said...

siannye mama awisy.... sabar ye..

software tu saya tatau la.. kena tanya mr suami, dia tau kot.. dia org IT..

Nigella Lawson tu sapa..? yg masak-masak tu eh..? Nigella kan nama dia..?

precious innocent said...

ada2... i ada... dload...

nnt i cari balik software tu ek... kalau u ada ym, boleh i just send it 2 u via ym.. hu hu...

-mama emma sambil angkat tgn-