Saturday, August 23, 2008

My 10 Significant 1st Times

I want to say most significant, but I'm afraid there're some others that I couldnt remember at this particular time.. But these are definitely some of significant 1st time moments in my life..

1. Boarding School-ed
I ws 12ys++ when I enrolled to STJ.. Pertama kali duduk asrama, makan nasi kawah, mandi air kolah bersama-sama kakak-kakak senior pada pukul 5 pagi etc etc. Mula-mula mcm steady je, hari ke-4, demammm.. Homesick! Rindu Abah, rindu Mak, rindu semorg. Abah n Emak dtg n collect me frm hostel. I ws back on the weekend to attend the Orientation Performance Night and won 1st place for drawing competition.. hehehe.. (but lizzie, after all this yrs, I still think urs ws waaaaaaaay better than mine!)

2. Work-ed
As RA (research assistance) abah dkt U dia.. hehe.. Masatu tgh tunggu result SPM. So bila berbos kan abah sendiri, bos cuti, kita cuti, bos makan, kita makan, bos suruh buat keje pun kadang2 protes.. kuikuikui… ampun abahhh…

3. Prom Queen-ed
Dinner 3rd Year at UTP.. Jangan xcaye! Hehehe.. Actually masa nieh, xtau adekah sebab saya memang cun di malam itu, ataupun mereka2 yg mengundi saje-saje nak kenekan saya. Bila kene bg ucapan, tgn mengeletar pegang mike, lidah kelu xterkata, hanya 2 perkataan yg terucap.. “thank you”.. hahahahaaa..

4. Car Crash-ed
In my defense, kete depan tu emergency break! Hehe.. Alaar, baya 50 inggit je kat dia..

5. Papa-ed
Married life is full of ups and downs. The first six months were all lovey-dovey n honey-bunny. And then we began to adjust our life to live as a partner, as a family. Being a first time parents is very challenging to us. Each claimed I’m more tired than You! hehe.. So far we survive (without maid!).. But of course our house always appears like little tornado hd just passed through the door, hehe, thank to little prince. I cant think of being with somebody else but Papa.. He knows me too much, he accepts me, n I love him.. cheewah!

To Be Continued....


Zuhaini said...

mimi.. u masuk boarding school time form 1 ke..? uih.. mudanya.. sian...

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey babe...wahhhh...what a cute family u hv there...
when u mention about utp, it made me stroll down d memory lane ;) nways, hows ur mum??? cikgu aisyah my fav science teacher ;) send my regards to her k

Mimi said...

dats actually my own choice :D

oitss!! hehehe.. moms ok.. skangni her no 1 is little awisy, hehehe..