Sunday, August 24, 2008

My 10 Significant 1st Times

continued from the previous post..

6. Pregg-ed
Ok, before Awisy, I think ade skali yg almost want to jadi.. Belum test, tapi ehem-ehem lewat 2 wks.. Tapi lepastu konon-konon gardening ngan Papa, petang tu terus bleeding.. Lesson learnt, kalau terasa something-something, cepat2 check.. Kalau positive, JANGAN buat kerja berat.

7. 9 Month Pregg-ed
1-2 months after (5.) happened. This time terus chk n very the carefull.. It ws the perfect timing, 6 mth after we were married. Dah honeymoon, enjoy-enjoy together-gether, dh masuk rumah baru n dh furnished.. Just like how we want it :D

Tapikan, masa found out, dh terbeli ticket to Bali. So masa pegi, I ws around 2mth++.. Mmg time segala sickness kan.. Luckily, I just felt a lil bit dizzy, n xde muntah2.. A long the trip, I always brought mineral water, chocs, n asam in-case thirsty, hungry, or dizzy. Takut jugak terkenan apa-apa, maklum laa byk melawat candi-candi laama, Alhamdulillah, semua ok :) we hd a fabulous time~

I simply love my preggy phase!

8. Deliver-ed
Bersalin la kan.. hehe.. semua org ada pengalaman sendiri.. I gave birth the normal way.. Just I dont quite know how to push. Bcoz I went for check-ups at Gov Clinnic, they only offered breastfeeding class. None anti-natal class. I only know a lil bit from my reading and watching discovery health channel hehe.

Papa accompanied me in the labour room. Sampai dia nak pegi sahur pun I xbagi.. In fact I never let go of his hand through out the process. Masa push, nurse tu pressure-pressure ckp heart beat baby dh lemah laa etc etc. But I know we have to wait for the urge (frm my reading). Push-push Awisy takmo gak keluar. I plak dah rasa nak tertido, letih ok, masatu sakit contraction dh hilang..

Sampaila nurse n doc dh nak vacuum, suddenly the strong urge came n I pushed like no tomorrow, hahaha.. Punya la ramai yg cheers dlm labour room tu, I think more than 10 ppl excluding me n Papa.. Everyone like PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! Maka lahirla Muhammad Darwisy pada jam 730 pagi~

A million thanks to Putrajaya Hospital Staffs who attended labour room no 3 (if I’m not mistaken) on that morning~

9. Awisy-ed
The first moment I laid eyes on him, I’m like “hello baby~ Mama here.. Are you really mine?”

My heart ws filled with joy. He’s more than I ever dreamt of, exceed all my expectation. From that point onwards, he becomes the most important thing on my life.

10. Of course there's a 10th one.. But for now, I’m too tired to think or to write. Its 5:17pm, Friday ppl.. My mind is chanting Balik.. Balik.. Balik..

10th one later-later la k?!

Anti klimaks betul kan?!

Jangan Mare :D

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