Monday, August 4, 2008

Shoe Replacement

Remember my brown sandal?

I have to say I hv became quite attached to this shoe of mine due to its flatness, its comfy-ness, its design, and of course, it complimented my feet and my Michael Kors hehhhee :D

But something bad happended at the airport.. I dunno what happened but suddenly I found my self half-a-shoeless as the right pair ws left behind my right step (if u get or can imagine what i mean)..

I see no way to salvage my oh-so-lovely shoe and ws not in the mood to find a new one in the airport.. so I surrender to the last resort..

Bye-Bye Shoe..

But hey wait! Now I need a shoe replacement! ;)


oooohhh... this one is nice :D

A girl can always dreamm.. can she?



precious innocent said...

u bubuh tape??? giler lawak!!!

-mama emma-

atty's said...

kalo dpt semua kasut kat ats tu besh

mrs noba said...

guna plaster?
lama mana tahan plaster tu?

Ms Lola said...

Ahahahahah.... Mimi, are the pics for real?

Zuhaini said...

siannye.. may be kasut tu pun da lama sangat kot.. tp yg Chanel punya kasut tu cantek kan..?

fatin said...

waaa... great thinking!! i sure takle nk pikir on d spot!

i love the 2nd shoe.. NICE!!!!

mimi said...

those pics are for real alright.. luckyme by the time sandal buat hal, its time to go home.. so tape2 n jalan tempang2 to the car.. muahahaa..

supermummy said...

saya vote for the purple (or issit blue?) Chanel!

Mimi said...

izzit the 2nd one? yg tu bukan chanel.. D&G kalau i x silap..