Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awisy Is ONE!

Who would have thought my busy-est day will be on my baby bday. Seriously, dr pagi rushing to pack bday favour for Awisy frens at the baby sitter hse (sampai x sempat amik gambar sobss.. in the favour i include a toy car for boys, small pouch for gals, n teether for baby ;D).. Then office work swamped me right till the end at 5pm. Even continously working during lunch break, sgt misali dowh.. dh la x bgn sahur.. very the lapar, opss hehe

Anyway, these are snippets frm pre-bday celebration (hehe.. am sure there'll be a series of celebration sampai la raya nanti). Us joined by atok, awe, paklang, n pak busyok (makngah in utm n pakchik in uniten so cannot join) breakfast at JM Bariani House. The food is surprisingly tasty (am not a big fan of baryani but theirs is quite nice, not overly spiced like mamaks n the usual) n Awisy cut a choc fudge.. Jadilaa.. yg tu pun x abis sbb perut penuh baryani hehe..

Here goes!
Excited! while waiting for everyone to arrive

cutting the cake

everyones here :D

Mama lakkk..

Supper lagi at Salam..

The boys :D

Aite.. Nak balik!

Tomorrow cuti.. wooohooooooooooooooooooo...


mimielola said...

Happy Birthday, Cheeky Boy!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

happy bday awisy darling!

btw babe, u've been tag...not a paksaan okey...klo rase free n bosan n nk share boley la buat ;)

jua said...

happy first birthday awisy...

mommylyssa said...

Happy Birthday Awisy!!

Anonymous said...

Awisy , Happy birthday cheeky boy... ! ur birthday is just a day after Naufal's... nanti bule la kite exchange gift :) - aunty ira

just yeen said...

Hepi BESDEI AWISY - from lil myra