Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excuse Moi

Wish Me LUCK!


Finnito.. It went well I guess. I need to refine my problem statement in project proposal and submit by tomorrow. So still xleh lega lagi. My marks is quite good despite the previous, so my application status is currently 'Disokong dgn syarat' which is (not-so) minor correction on the proposal.

To think of it, I ws expecting well not the worst but not that good either. When the DG Director ask, whats ur opinion on the Taiwan incident? (yes there're questions on current issues n nuclear issues of course) My mind went "shoot! what taiwan incident?". Ws abt to confess I have no idea when the DGD smiled n said "alah.. u know, the chasing n running drama in Taiwan".. hehe.. Owh OK, hehehe.. Do U really want to know? (dalam hati je laa). Also questions on oil price, china's contaminated milk, etc etc, which part yg paling benci sbb aku jarang baca paper.. huhuhu.

Phew.. 1 check-point checked. Next pit-stop, MOSTI interview..


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mrs noba said...

good luck bebeh!!