Monday, September 15, 2008

In A Rush (because this post is written in a rush)

So I finally recharge my camera hehe..

Our weekend ws actually quite dull. There ws some renovation work going on at our kitchen, we (by we I mean Papa) finally green lighted the kitchen cabinet project, starting with the table top (concrete) construction. (After some research n calculation, we found that its much cheaper if we first hire a contraction/renovator to build kitchen table top and then ask the kitchen cabinet company to fit in the door etc. as compared to letting the kitchen cabinet company do all the work. The difference is quite a lot! lepas la sebiji dua coach!).

So our saturday ws filled with booming noise of wall breaking and steel cutting and what not. The whole morning, me n Awisy entertained ourselve in the bedroom to avoid or at least minimize the noise.

Awisy entertained himself by making mess around the room hehe.. (seriously this boy is alergic to tidy-ness i think, because he kept messing books or clothes that i've neatly organized, so now i kinda stop tidying stuffs - what a concrete reason eh? heheheehehe)

Watch his cheeky face :D There must be some mischivous idea that he ws thinking in his cute little brain :P

He spilled some water on the floor and his suit ws all wet. So I let him run half naked around the room/hse hehe..

Me? I'm still swamped with work. Thank God my proposal is half finnish and ready to be submitted to admin. By half I mean I still have lots of correction to do for the real one. This one is for the scholarship application which dues err.. today!

Okeh.. nak pi submit proposal.



Catz said...

fuh..duk sibuk berproposal..sempat lagik tuh blogging...hhehehee.
blogger tegar ye dak...

Zuhaini said...

haha.. comelnya awisy... :)

oh ya.. good luck on ur proposal :)

**len kali, org buat kitchen kat bawah, kita gi jejalan! bwk baby skali! biar Mr Hubby duk umah, layan kontraktor! :)

Mimi said...

kwang kwang kwanggg

thanks.. hehe masatu xde mood nak outing.. stay kat rumah je.. bising2 tupun kitorg tdo gaks.