Friday, September 12, 2008

Save Me

Seriously I'm having an anxiety attack right now.

1. My Master Aplication - due this Monday. I need a GOOD proposal. Think. Think HARDER!
2. Work - Project 1 - an unexpected problem hs arise - urgent meeting this afternoon
3. Work - Project 2 - due to finnish next freaking month
4. Work - Project 3 - got in my way, no way to run out blurrgggghhhhh, also due next month
5. Work - Project 4 - thank god there're Purp n my new colleague
6. Work - Project 6 - initially NOT mine. i dont even went to Viet (1 month) for this. How do I get tangled up in this?

Seriously! I feel like crying.

Now who dare to say gov staff only 'goyang kaki?'


purp said...

i pity u... especially for the 6th one. u really need extra hand with knowledge there. actually i think it's not that critical, the big boss said if it doesnt work out, it wont go national with excuse, the person incharge on study leave. tp... in the mean time, kene tahan lah dgn big boss yg tetiba brsemangat.

btw, sapa lg boleh diharap? hehee... u're the only hope of our big boss. caiyok! caiyok!

mamaREDZHA said...

emm... ape nk dikata ya!!

Saira^_^ said...

Hehehe.. Sorry for the project 6.. Can't help it.. You went to Vietnam per... hehehe 2 freaking weeks.. Hehehe...

Just left it.. make excuses.. That boss of urs (mine too?) hehehe will let it go.. He is clueless by the way... And I'm clueless too.. HAHAHA.. That analog problem IS the main problem... And only and if only the love-bird-in-denial can help.. hikss..

Zuhaini said...


sabar ya... :) tu semua dugaaaaan

Mynie said...

banyaknya project! all the best to you.. breathe in breathe out..

Mimi said...

yeah i'm quite pissed with him due to u-know-what.. huhuhu

xyah nak kata apa-apa.. hehe

its not as easy u know. my job is on the line, even my msc application pun belum approved. how would u feel if u have to take over my robot project? not funny right? the worst is i'm all alone :(

zuhaini & mynie..
thanks babes!