Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A puss-in-boots eyes...

That turned into piercing cries..

When he decided 'just' sitting in the stroller is to bow-ring for him..


Anyway, yesterday ws a hectic one for me..

Started right after Imsak when I finally got an fairly good idea for the research proposal, I start drafting and writing and typing (min pages for the proposal is 6! must include gantt-chart etc etc..)

In the office, while still contemplating between this and that and finnishing those proposal, I went to UPM to meet my future **touch wood* supervisor to collect somesort of agreement letter(required for my app). A 5mins visit turned 1 hour when my research topic enter the what I hope to be a short discussion. He start explaining on research elements, literature review yadiyada.. Not that I dont appreciate it (seriously, I need all the help that he can offer, maybe more) but I kept thinking abt the half written proposal on my desk, plus Papa who drove me there (as I dont know to drive sticks, auto please! hehe) were baking in the car.

Finally, a 20 mins drive back to office, proposals again, done! at around 3:30.. Called Papa, "Yayang, please drive me to admin block, need to submit my application! Prettyprettyplease with sugar on toppp~".. Masuk dalam kete, tgk muka kelat (hehe) "Yelaaa, me belanja u buka, anything u want.. just name it.." Its just a 5-10 mins walk to my destination, but in this weather? I'd rather belanja him berbuka at Chillis hehe (but he dont know that)..

To cut the story short, my application is D.O.N.E., n we went Sushi for berbuka :D

Ni orang yang paling letih sbb puasa (n makan paling banyak too!)

In this picha he ws having veges fritters, n he finnished it by himself! (although he shared half with the floor, and the chair)

Before we went home, stopped by ToysRus section to find him a shape sorter toys. Bit frustrated as the only one available costed RM80++! I just want the basic one, nothing really fancy, maybe max RM30++.. I'm looking for shape-sorter as I found him interested to fit stuffs into holes etc and taking it out again. Yeah, I buy toys to encourage skills development, so sue me.. hehehe..

Should I be worried that he's more interested in teddys rather than toy cars? hehehe.. He laughs when we rubbed the soft fur on his skin, similar when I let him touch the neighbour's kitty (syyyhh.. dont tell Papa, he'll be mad at me). I guess I must have transferred my world-cat-lover gene to him eh? hehe

Oppss lunch break.. Napping time!



mrs noba said...

bila nak start semester ni?

Mimi said...

lambat lagi.. next year hehe..

whats ahead are interviews.. lots of it.. with internal panels, mosti panels etc etc.. hope i'll survive everything. wish me luck!

Zuhaini said...

aiya.. sangat comel... :)

Mynie said...

the shape-sorter that i got only costed me RM25 - brand playskool - quite good quality. it's a basic one lah - takdelah fancy bunyi2 ka apa ka. i bought kat carrefour alamanda..

Catz said...

hi mimi..
wahh...bershushi keeee..bestnya,,,
and awisy..as always..cute n adorable..

precious innocent said...

tok mama ryan belikan shape-sorter murah giler.. rm10 je.. kat jusco..

i pun ada beli, alamak, lupa lak brand ape.. tp rm3+ jugak la...

xtau la brp lama leh btahan... ryan suka sgt 'kemas2kan' meinan dia..

-mama emma

Mimi said...

zu & catz..
hehe mmg comel budak itu!

the one i found is playskool. but the fancy one, with lights n sounds etc etc.. x jumpe pun yg rm25 tu??

thanks! nnt leh carik carefour