Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Cut or Not To Cut

Of lately, everyday is a Bad Hair Day for Awisy.. his hair is growing longer and longer and its now a tad more than we can handle. Heck, I even bring his baby comb everywhere now inside my handbag. But my attempS to make it tidy always fail miserably as he'll manage to mess-it-up in no time.

Back down the memory lane when he ws born, he ws blessed with this lovely soft-thick-brownish hair..

But then we decided to chop it off... chop it all off (which a decision i kinda regret back then). Mama n Papa do it by ourselves. At first we use scissors, but when his hair become patchy and uneven, Papa shaved every single one using his shaver. We did it very-very early in the morning (as he fall asleep after feeding) dat everyone ws surprise to see a skin head baby as they woke up!

Waiting the hair to grow is a painful stage. Whats more, the new hair is hard and thick, as opposed to his newborn soft and flowy hair :( He even hd those cukur bantal thing going on at the back of his head...

It took nearly 10 months....

To reach this stage.......

But I guess its time for his first hair cut eh?

Papa went to his Indian barber yesterday to hv his haircut. We asked the uncle could he trim baby's hair? I warned him he ws one active 11 months-old baby. The uncle merely laugh and said dont worry, just bring him tomorrow (today's) evening..

The shop hs this sport-car-chair especially for toddlers :) Its not suitable for Awisy though as it hs no safety harness. My guess is either Mama or Papa will hs to hold him while the uncle trim his hair..

We'll see how it goes ;)

(Funny how I'm able to create quite a long post out of a hair-cut topic, hehe.. I cant help it... Browsing through his pichas... He's gonna be 1 this 24th!! Our baby Awisy is becoming a toddler~)


Anasfadilah said...

awisy cute la..with or without hair..

my baby,sebulan rambut dah lebat after cukur..thanks to his tok wan kasik minyak lebat rambut for babies..ehehe.

YusVogue said...

sangat cute!! kebetulan pulak smlm adalah hari memotong rambut Mikhael beramai-ramai (seblum buka puasa)..memula dia ok..tapi lepas tu dia nangis sebab rimas ngan rambut dia yang tebal dan banyak tu melekat kat badan dia dan gatal-gatal..

me and my Hubby memang tak pernah cukur habis rambut dia..coz..hehe..sayang.. so now and then his nenek akan trim la.. so, smlm is our first trial potong guna machine with my bros help. tak habis lagi..once dah cantik akan diupload kat blog k..hehe..

ooo..dah nak setahun? kejap je kan?! cute!

Zuhaini said...

alahai mesti comel lepas nih..

*tp jgn cukur abih tau! kang laambaaat lak nak tumbuh.. (mcm si Alia tu.. brapa bulan baru nak lebat balik..)

precious innocent said...

ryan & awisy ada similar prob la..

lepas mandi, elok je bsikat kemas.. x smp 1 minit, dah serabai..

tp both mama & ayah dok sabar.. nak cope his hair after 21 oct (his 1st yr)

hu hu

-mama emma-

AzuraloveNizam said...

mana2 pon baby awisy tetap comey..memang btol superb comey

babysofia said...

kejap je yek!!! awisy dah nak 1 yr...tak potong pon ok bukan pjg sgt i rasa... hehehe... potong ke tak potong ker awisy tetap comei & cute :)
p/s: mama awisy tak buat ker bday party tok awisy nihhh????

just yeen said...

some says shaving it bold for a second time will bring out even softer hair than before. mebbe u should try? hehe

Mimi said...

share laa dgn kitorg minyak apa yg u guna? sure ramai nak tau.. hehe

wah timing kita potong rambut anak lebih kurg laa.. hehe.. nnt jgn lupa upload gambar mika berambut baru ;)

x cukur habis laa.. dah serik.. nak trim je bagi kemas ;)

i dh lama sgt tahan sabar, hehe...

Mimi said...

mmg super cute :D notty pun ade sikit super notty ;)

gambar yg i letak tu bukan latest.. skangni dh panjang berjela, hehe.. hmm bday party is still under consideration :D

huhuhuhuuu... cube ko try dulu dkt si myra ;) kalau jadi aku buat la pulak.. hehehehe >:)