Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is one easy dish to prepare, and its suitable for mommies, dadies, n babies (one with teeth). My aim is to make both of em eat as much vegies as possible.


Spiral pasta - i used around 2 cups for 3 of us
Garlic - crushed, i used 3 cloves
Onion - sliced
Green, yellow, and red bell peppers - half of each
Broccoli - as much as u like
Tomato - as much as u like
Carrot - cut into sticks
Prawns - around 10, dehead, de-skin and remove the black line on the back
Squid - a big 1, sliced
Olive oil
Salt and pepper (black)


Heat the olive oil in a pan, fry the crushed garlic.
Add the seafood and cook until the prawn become reddish.
Add the carrot sticks, cook until its soften.
Add the onion, bell peppers, broccoli, and tomato.
Add in some butter and let it melt n mixed with other ingredients.
Season with salt and pepper.
Meanwhile, prepare the spiral pasta as instructed (boil in water, add some salt and olive oil for around 10 mins).
When the pasta is ready, drain all the water, and add the pasta into the pan.
Add tomato and keep on mixing until the tomato soften.
Add in some more butter (if u like).
Have a taste, u might need to season more with salt and pepper.

I think the more butter (butter okay not margerine) and pepper u use, the better it taste, but dats my tastebuds :D But I did limited my black pepper usage as the dish is also for Awisy. To make it sour-ry u can add some lemon juice I think, hv never try it, one day I will :D

Oh ya, if u have mushroom (the fresh button mushroom taste better) u can add it as well.. and celery... slurrpppp.. Mind me, I'm a veggie lover, so I tend to put a lotsa veggies in my dish, the more the merrier, ehehh :D

How do I feed Awisy the dish? I handed the pasta and veggies one by one to him (dats y I cut it into sticks), so he ate is using his hand, a malay values here.. hehehe.. But I do need to crush/soften the seafood as its quite chewy.

Happy cooking!


mrs noba said...

bagus nyer awisy maka sayur.
my son tak suka..but can't blame him coz i pun tak suka makan sayur :P

Mimi said...

hahaha.. tu laaa.. awisy pun ikut mama dier kot, sbb i hantu sayur :D

Catz said...

wah...sedapnya...aku pun nak cuba lah mimi....nakk...seafood tuh kalau tak nak chewy dan keras..masak jg lama..maak sebentar saja...2-3 minit dah masak dah...
sajian yg menyihatkann

Mimi said...

try la catz.. manatau u leh improve nak bagi sedap lagi.. btw, betulla, seafood gua terovercook sket.. next time nak masuk last2 laa.. or xyah masak lama2 atas api :D thanks!

mamaREDZHA @ p-na said...

nyam2.. sedapnya!!
Oja pn dh pndai mkn pakai tgn, tp bila dh kenyang... u know wat i mean... huhuh!

precious innocent said...

meleleh pulak ayaq liuq i baca resepi nie..

-mama emma-

Mimi said...

Hehehe.. Yeah I know what u mean (I think!) buat sepah laa jawabnyer..

Ala siannye.. nnt balik leh try masak K!